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There are number of choices for the wedding ceremony.


The law relating to marriage within Church may differ from religion to religion. For example, the Church of England requires that you be resident within the boundaries of your church parish, or have a worshipping connection which entitles you to be on either the Church Electoral Roll or to apply for an Archbishops licence to be married there. If you are in any doubt please do check with your Parish Church for full details.  


Register Office  

The Register Office in Stratford is available for marriage ceremonies and can generally offer a range of dates and times. A provisional booking can be made by telephone or written application. For further information on the legal aspects of giving "Notice of Marriage" please refer to the "Legal Requirements" to be found under this section.  


Approved Premises  

Since April 1995 civil marriages can take place in venues approved by the Local Authority. There are a number of such venues within the area, such as hotels and stately homes (see our venues pages). If you choose to marry in one of these you should contact your chosen venue and ask to speak to the Wedding Co-ordinator. You will still need to contact the Stratford Superintendent Registrar who will advise you of the availability of the Registrar staff and of the fees payable. The same legal requirements apply as for Register Office Weddings.